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Wide & Small Format Printing 

Do you have wide format paper documents laying around your office?  Piling up with the possibility of damage by rain or misplacement?  Are you unable to locate the right drawings when you need them?

We can help!!  We can digitize your blueprints, maps, architectural plans, engineering drawings and more. Our high-speed, wide-format scanners are capable of scanning thousands of images per day. You won’t find a more efficient, quality-driven solution for digitizing your large and wide-format documents.

Space Saving & Safe from damage.

Storing large-format documents is expensive and could get damaged. Instead, let HDB's large-format scanning services help you reclaim valuable office space. Our scanning specialists meet with you to determine the file type and scanning resolution needed for your large-format documents. Your large-format documents are prepped, scanned and indexed to your exact specifications. At the completion of your imaging project, images are emailed to you.  If a USB has been supplied or purchased, the USB containing the images of your documents is returned to you. 

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