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Apparel Printing Services

New innovative technologies for the BEST quality apparel decorating

If you aren't familiar with the steps involved, ordering t-shirts can seem like a confusing and intimidating process. We strive to make the entire experience easy. Below is a brief run-through of how we operate and what you can expect from the time you begin your order to the time you pick up your custom printed shirts.

  • When you contact us, you will need to have a few things in mind:  (and if you need help with one or more of these items, we will be happy to guide and advise you)

    • the kind of shirt you would like (short sleeve, long sleeve, cotton, polyester etc.)

    • the color shirt you would like

    • what design (or design idea) you want printed on your shirts

    • where you want the design(s) printed - for example: full front print or left chest print, full back print, sleeve print, etc.

    • which color ink(s) you would like your design(s) printed in

    • how many shirts you will be ordering

    • when you need to pick up your order

  • Print Type: We offer three types of printing services. Once we know what shirt color, shirt material, and what your artwork files look like, we will give you a recommendation on the kind of printing would look best and work best together. 

  • Pricing:  Pricing is based on 2 things - the number of shirts you order, and the number of print locations on the shirt. The more shirts you order, the better your price per shirt will be. We have price breaks for higher quantities. The more print locations on the shirt will drive the cost per shirt up. 

  • Placing an Order:  We will accept orders in person at our store or by email. At the time an order is placed, we require payment in full unless other arrangements have been made or unless your organization has an account with us. 

  • Artwork:  Once you contact us with your design idea either by coming into our office or by email, we will ask you if you will be providing the artwork or if we need to create the artwork for you. If you are planning to provide the artwork, we will need it in a high quality PDF with 300 DPI resolution or more.  If you need for us to create the artwork for you from a print out, sketch or jpg image, we will begin working on your artwork to create a proof. We will email the proof to you for approval or for changes to be made per your request. Depending on the complexity of your design, artwork charges may apply. This will be determined before any artwork is started.

  • After Approval of Artwork:  After you have received the proof and have given your approval for us to "go to print", we will print your shirts per your order. We count every order three times before it leaves our shop - once when we receive the blank shirts from our supplier, once before we print them and once after they are printed and we are putting them in boxes. We make every effort to ensure your order is correct by this triple-check method. Once your shirts are printed and ready to be picked up, you will receive an email or phone call from us indicating your order is complete. 

  • Pick 'em Up and Love 'em:  Your shirts are ready and you can pick them up at your convenience. It is time for you to see your idea come to life and transformed from paper to finished product. We can also ship your shirts for an additional fee if needed.

  • That's It!  Simple and easy. Typically, start to finish, the process can be 1-2 weeks or less. We understand that all of this seems intimidating, but we are here to help and answer your questions. We will walk you through the whole process and we will be in constant communication with you. This is where our personal touch comes into play....something online companies can't offer you.

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