• What ever length your art comes out to be is what you choose for your selection, then the quantity you want to order.
  • If your file doesnt match the length you paid for, your job WILL BE REFUNDED and CANCELED.
  • Accepted Files: PDF ONLY with Transparent Background
  • Resolution must be 300 dpi 
  • Transparent Background
  • Non-Mirror condition (eg Text is readable, not flipped)
  • We use the HPN BLK series 16x20 heat press. PRESS at 250 degrees for 15 seconds. Peel film off and repress for another 5 seconds at the same temperature. 
  • Hotronix pressing instructions to follow soon.


  • Custom, rich and full color heat transfers made to order for your business, project or special event. Perfect for full color graphic designs or neck labels branding, comes with easy to follow instructions for a smooth transfer process.

    DTF heat transfers can be used with:
    - any color garment with no extra cost per color
    - virtually any fabric type that can be adequately pressed

    ** Vibrant colors, soft hand feel and very durable; tested 50+ wash cycles **

    Household irons do NOT work. Even the Cricut has trouble as it cannot provide adequate pressure.